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Why people hate brazilians?

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I've seen many players hating on brazilians lately... Is there any specific reason for that?

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I'm pretty sure it was from a server that was run and played mostly by br's.
Brazilians acted retared there so it became a saying for people to use I persume.
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Cuz usually brazilians act like retards.
And who is saying this its a brazilian so..
Yeah, its pretty sad.. But theres nothing that I can do about it..
Well.. I dont like to generalize people so.. I just ignore who is hating and who is acting like a retard.
That pretty much works for me. x:
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I don't hate them but they tend to be doin crazy shjt like stupid shit and they always causing trouble and breaking rules but I luv be chicks most of they then got nice tat tas :)

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Well i don't hate anyone i just dislike people that are ignorant and stupid  :-[
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problem is that humanity decided long ago to lable a whole nation due to a small group of people.
for example, if a guy from spain talks really bad english...the human's reaction will be "omg spain sucks...they don't know how to talk english...".

theres nothing more than this :)
ofc time passes and this ideas grow, making our lovely planet a crappy world to live in  :-\

Enjoy the Game !

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Because they are annoying and always spam wc with their ming mong language and ignore instructions.
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ofc time passes and this ideas grow, making our lovely planet a crappy world to live in  :-\

Making? It already has made this planet a crappy world to live in....

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I dont dislike all Br's, I just dislike the ones who beg for items, spam world chat with their language (even tho they were warned) ( but still some of the Romanians also do that (I mean world chat thing)), also  some of the Br's tend to insult u in pms on their native language, which is some times annoying. And much more reasons. So yeah those few bad ones give others the bad name.
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Here's a thought o: ijs. dont do stupid shit that makes people hate Brazilians.
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Hate? They make themselfs be hate, still Not every Br.'s are bad, Not all Romanians are bad (im1), Not All Americans are Bad...Some are Stupid some are not..is simple...but know this...Dont judge a book after her cover.
This is how the world rolls..some act like stupid kids...well most of them, still dont beat ure head to much with them..some1 says he hate U, U say u dont care xD

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P.S. i know manny Br's that are verry nice and cool...and fun to talk play with them...way nicer/better then most of other ppls.

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I've seen many players hating on brazilians lately... Is there any specific reason for that?

I see some players hating everyone. I don't know their reasons (if any).

All other players are normal people.
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Are we really having a convo about this??? ._.
Ravensss yoo -___-t

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I don't know why there's literally a forum thread about this.... but here's some closure for you. Most people do not like BR's because they cannot speak english well. So alot of people get mad and make fun of them over it (which is stupid) because I bet they don't know every language in existence let alone can perfectly talk to where a Brazillian can understand, so it's stupid to seriously make fun of them about it, but hey it happens. It also doesn't helpw hen the Brazillian thinks they're full pro when in reality they suck. There's alot of people in game that suck not just Brazilllians but people tend to jump on the "not able to speak english well" thing. It's how society can be, I've done it too at times I'm not gonna lie. Pretty stupid and idiotic.
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