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Emperors back - Outcasts✰


Reputation players are back to laugh at commisioner bunch up guild : Tyrants

Easy wipe  :police:

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very good, easy game OC BACK


I wish I could say "Good job" But I don't see anything exceptional on this video...

Hope you guys are a challenge.

Offline Kasai

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ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ilmaooooooooooooo

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L4L3 OC IS B4CK B4BY :))

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 :normal-29: :normal-29: :normal-29: :normal-29: welcome back hun

Offline C

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ahh, the traditional OC is back warning slaughter. Now to wait for some tryhard 100fpser that was there to upload ruthless/ae/tyrants slaughters that happened same day.

Offline Lexmau

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well even if the quit in 2 weeks we like it or not they give a challange... that most of guilds have never give.

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Nice video i guess you guys  finish up what we left for you guys after we kept rekting them 4-5 times today ',' @ allies camp


You guys are breaking up the family!!!

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Guys please, that's not even funny anymore
Those eyes, those eyes I'll always remember, the ones that lit the embers that destroyed the world I knew..