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EPW Christmas Patch v136

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Epic Perfect World Staff is wishing you all the best for this Holiday Season and a very Happy New Year.
For this occasion we have prepared special patch which includes Santa Claus, Snowmen and Frigid Bay quests. We hope you will enjoy it.

2 Event are now opened for those who wish to participate:
- Christmas Drawing Event
- Star Wars

Full Patch Notes

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Santa Claus is back!

Santa Claus can be found in the main cities with his special rewards! Also special Christmas decorations and snow have been added to Archosaur and other towns (snow can be turned on or off by changing the Terrain Graphic Settings).
In addition till 31th December there will be special daily chest available for levels 146+ with following rewards (2 items):

20 Christmas Stocking - 100%
25 Epic Coins - 55%
20 Supply Tokens - 25%
1 Event Token - 5%
1 Random Boss Card - 5%
1 War Avatar S Chest - 5%
1 Weapon Reskin Token - 5%

New items available

- new Christmas related and new custom fashion
- 16 new winter themed weapon fashion models
- new holiday and regular mounts and flights
- many new all-class and battle pets
- 10 new holiday themed titles (titles from previous year are also available)

Click here for previews!

Frigid Bay event quests

Frigid Bay Event is back with its daily quests at (444 207) (for levels 140+).
Participate in them to gain Epic Coins and Christmas Stockings that can be exchanged for new special items.

Snowmen invasion!

Snowmen will appear at random times of night and day in the following cities: Archosaur, Etherblade, Lost, Plume and in Walled Stronghold, Tusk Town. They drop following items:

Christmas Stocking - 45%
Epic Coin - 30%
Ancient Emblem - 5%
Supply Token - 5%
Mystical Elixir - 5%
Morai Brew - 5%
Chocolate Bar - 5%

Stronger versions have a chance to drop more items.

New daily quest available

Along with Frigid Bay special quests, there is a new daily quest at Black Mirror Monkey (417, 595). Complete it to acquire new title and special pills.


- You can now enter to Territorial Battlefield via the God's Giving NPC in the Faction Base
- Fire Legion is now Ice Legion ;)
- Faction icons updated
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Thanks for the patch

e/: I guess I'll get off my rear and get all the fliers, fash & junk again as I did with Halloween.
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no x2 omg? thx for patch

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any x2
ty for patch

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No need for 2x for now. The snowmen got adjusted high drop and most of new stuff is quest based, so 2x wouldn't help much ;P
I may turn 2x on for a few days at the end of the year though.

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Thank you boss. Much appreciated  ^-^

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Been waiting for this alot. Thanks so much! Let's get rich! @Sebi

kitty stew

Thank you for patch.  

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thank you gm!  8)

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Nea: this is proof of my power abuse mwahaha
proof of how noob u are

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Thanks agatio, no 2x? need ecs .... lmfo

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Nice ty
Now give me chrismass gift and unmute my sin ty