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Artifex end of an era

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Hello all.

Many of you already know this , or heard about since it's something we have been talking for a while and the solid decision was made between the officers over a month and half ago anyways.

Title itself seems very self explanatory, but to make it clear i'm simply ending the cicle of Artifex as a big guild. Was agreed between us officers that we would still go till xmas or untill we had 3 TW's with Tyrants regardless of the outcome, so there it is. I honestly have no patience to daily mass PK no more ,and as majority of you know next year i'm moving to another country , so i'm gonna take the last months here to focus  on other things. Sure i'll still log EPW twice, three times a week, or once ,when i feel like , and i will RPK with who i want.

I won't kick anyone from Artifex , those who wish to stay can do so , those who want to make new guilds, or go back to old ones can do so. You want to send an alliance cause you would like to RPK with us whenever we log , cool , idm it either. Just don't expect me to be here daily or to RG for PKs or do DTs or TWs. Bare in mind this is a decision made by officers and some of the the people who daily log for pks or lead squads , as most of us, to not say all, feel exactly the same , combined with how much little our time to spend in game is ...I think it's better this way.

We proved what we had to prove, from mass PKs, RPK's, to Dragon Temple, till TW aspect. 

For those who were Artifex and stayed till the end , ty, was a pleasure to have you all in guild. You guys are the best. For those who were Artifex and left , ty aswell. Was fun beeing in guild and against you all.

For those who never been in but who i came across in PK , ty for the good times. All trash talk is part of the game , and PKing without it's honestly boring. Hopefully you can understand that.

P.S. For those thinking we arent serious

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It was a fun run, guys. I appreciate all the easying that was made, and the people i've met here, ow.
Good luck pedro boss. :police:

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was fun guys 
ty for the fun
everything has its end ;:D 

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Enjoyed my time in Arti. And enjoyed pking against you guys. Was fun! Best wishes to ya Pedro !!
Ty Mai & Erelim
I love seans cum
Nice Melody.

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Hope your move one will go well.

Have a good time all ^-^

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Enjoyed my time in Arti. And enjoyed pking against you guys. Was fun! Best wishes to ya Pedro !!
just what i wanted to say

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Locked as requested.
Meant to be an announcement, not a trash topic.
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Bye, xo.