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bk once again...

My Work

i mostly want to draw chibi's. But if there is anything else that you see and like, let me know.

What i need from you.
1. close up picture of face
2. full body picture

(1 person)  5k ec
(2 people)  6k ec
+1k ec for anything more

List (2 only)
1. Three
2. Snow

list is short this time so i actually finish them. I will also take my time with them, so be patient with me.

ty for replying (from previous list) only 1 more to finish :3 
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Offline Three

  • Nyx stole this <3
  • ☀ Suns stole this too.
  • Faction: Quack
mememe pls, i'll send you ss in a bit :D

01.01.2016. ♥

Offline Snow

  • I'm being stalked
  • Characters: Snowmelt
  • Faction: Siege
  • Me (I'll send you info via message in few hours)
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Aw. I didn't even notice this, and wanted chibi.  :(
Can't wait to see the qt chibis you make and silently praying you open again.  :-*