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Hey Agatio man, since worms pretty much dead cuz no Zilara asian timzone pk sux just! Simple because 'The Alliance' has like 3x the numbers of worms tph and russia combined and it is the sux! Set the alliance limit to like 2 or 3factions. Because AG + Heaven + AE + Ducks + god knows how many other fac's being allies together just dumb as fk! What's the point of these alliance if there's no pk! Make server more active by restricting alliance system!

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Imo this is something that should be done by the china allies leaders, as long as there's no big force to fight them no point in such huge alliance lol, but again idc much about asia timezone
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Just remove alliances all together.

They're completely trash. It'd force the good players to merge into one faction and there wouldn't be all this bs.

+ It'd promote PK 

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cus it could help create more pk

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Removing alliances won't prevent factions from teaming up in pk (this happens already, even without being allies). It definitely would make it much more difficult though....

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