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I've made extensive use of block for the pinoy spam during the evening time North America time zones when GM's don't like to be on, however, I can't block them on all my toons, so.. is there a plan for dealing with this chat crippling gibberish spam that constantly happens every night?

And please don't say screenshots you guys (GM's and Aga) can see the chat logs, spam, and people complaining.

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i completely agree with the above complain.  im pinoy and sadly with the same time zone with these non-sense spam in  WC. i have nothing against trash talking, its the length, repeated messages and spamming, WC is useless most of the time. with all due respect GMs, thousands of players were bothered and annoyed with few pinoy WC spammers. 

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Post SS in Helpdesk. Only Aga has access to chat logs :-\

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