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This server so far is good (except i can't seem to stop lagging on this server specifically) and Im hoping to get a decent reputation on this server as I did on my last server...... with a little less negativity ofcourse ^^;. Well, If anyone is willing to show a newbie the ropes (i know the bare basics, but need to hone a bit on the details) then message me on _Jackal_, KitCalibur, or Voltheart. My sister just saw me typing this and also wants people to message her wheter its for help or someone to just hang with.. Foxpaw is her char atm. I know quite a bit about Perfect world, but from the information I've gathered, Epic Perfect world is quite different from the others. for example, I cant beat every single class with just a claw/fist archer by a million miles (Old Vendetta I beat everyone while I was in crappy donor gear >_> <_<) and that kind of discourages me, but I see that seekers have finally been given the chance to use aps! that excites me, even though seekers will always be better with combos. The class specific weapons made on here are a hinderance to me, since im basically a king of "weird builds" but I will probably be able to find a way to do it here too. I have been told that the venomancers have been given a better chance at melee with patakas, but im guessing thats only for the higher level patakas? (beginner ones have same reqs as quiot). Archers, thank god, have been given a good sling on this server. I have always wanted a nice slingshot, but there are no other servers that offer this. very fun, but not exactly what I thought it would be (but still grateful for the option :P). I have looked at the claws that were made for this server, and im worried. I realise that blademasters are the best choice for claws, then look at the stats closer. This server has basically given the claw usage straight to the barbarians. I will definatly take advantage of this, mostly for farming but im prewtty sure it will work quite well for pvp too. Any comments on my info, please post, but please no negativity, I got enough of that from my last server.
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well we have1 thing in mind in our server, we focus on trying to balance al the classes so none of them is left out. we also try to give players not only 1 set of gears but 2...we are diferent from other servers cuz we care about the players and the players opinions. we have unique and own set of events, instances and soon to have a lot more  :-\ even a little bonus surprise  >:D

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Hey, WELCOME to EPW! :)), I recently joined this server too but unlike you, It's been like 5 years since the last time I played PW. This server is really good and new-player friendly, with your experience I think you will adapt pretty fast. http://epicpw.com/index.php?topic=1422.0  check this out(in-case it happens you haven't been there which I highly doubt) most of the tricks and trade you will learn there. If you need help on a quest or anything you can PM me in-game (UrekMazino)

(I don't think I helped even a bit but I posted here just to give you a friendly welcome anyways :P)

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Welcome'z, Enjoy the gankers!