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Hi guys, this might not be favorable above all but I really find this difficult and annoying. As my title says, I would like to suggest to make mass mails available in game. 

What do I mean?

Well, from what I know, PWI has this feature where a faction Leader or Director( I think it applies to marshals too, not too sure though) can send a mass mail to whole faction, meaning you don't need to take each person separately and mail them if you want to make an announcement.

Probably wonder who the hell needs this? Well I think it is very nice option for purposes of making important announcements enables Leaders or Directors to inform players faster. This is so, because not many of the players visit faction website constantly and most of us check in game mails. So take for example announcement for  TW>>DAY>TIME easy and fast rather asking players to go on web and bla bla, because many of then even hate to send in applications lol never-mind reading announcements.

To avoid the spam and being annoying to all faction members I would suggest to make this option available only for Leader and Director.
Well, that's basically it. I was told it does not exist on EPW and not sure why, if its not possible, I guess that's alright. But I would love to have it there.
:normal-23: :pig-48: Thanks for w/e the answer to this is. 

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It was added in with one of the newer patches that we haven't had access to, yet. I'm sure we will get it once that patch is available for us. 
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It doesn't exist on EPW because we don't have the Eclipse update that this feature was introduced in. If/when we get the Eclipse update on here, the mailing feature you're talking about will also be here. Until then, sit tight and wait.