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Quiting to work - Mentalista

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Hello, my frends, i must now tell u that december is my month to work and now i wont be able to play with u my frends for the entirely month, i wanna ty all the views of my channel, support, etc and i wanna ty Kareem for invite me to guild and work with me on the job to disband artifex. I wanna ty soochi for my 6% Reduce Metal Damage engrave on belt, i wanna ty FMP, omar, etc too the lobby and i wanna ty Magestic to unnerf my level on forum to 30% again. I wanna ty the dude who gave me his acc full of 150 chars full geared that allowed me to make Rivalista, the rival of Mentalista, i wanna ty Butthead, Rakend, Index, Aids, Sideris and etc. And one more ty to Kareem for allow me to join best guild after so many QQ over me.

Ty guys cya in February with stormbringers already o/

Go to my channel to keep me on memory


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See you after 5,356,800 seconds or 89,280 minutes or 1,488 hours...   :tiger-13:

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No ty to me?  :(
well have a good time bro cya in feb!
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LOL u failed to disband artifex XDDDDDDDDDDDD  ;D

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Too bad you can't make Arti people mad anymore 

Gl & cya

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Awww. Goodluck padre. D: Come back soon.


Goodluck mentalista 

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Your job just saved you from the annihilation coming this month :normal-1:

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Oh, holy lord Mentalista
Father of all Tideborns
Please keep your ever enlightning sight
on all us vermins
Even from afar.

Come back soon, or I run out of poetic prayers :normal-23:
♡ 18.03.2011 ♡

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 Bye bro and have many luck at work:)
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honestly mate no one gives a single one in this world, just get yourself a nice home in the Swedish mountains and get laid, get a nice bag of weed and get yourself some female company because at the end of the day no one gives a single one in this day and age, also shoutouts to my mate Ben for robbing a bottle of tonic water from the corner shop %$%%$): bye

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 :tiger-36: Bye Bye Father 

PS: Good luck with work  :monkey-25:


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 :( aw father, good luck <3
Last time Tyrants GvG'd Artifex (made them disband)
proof of disbanding
Last DT 9 Tyrants vs 100 Artifex
mage v mage tournament

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Cya tomorrow bb :c

Play it as just a ******* game ;)