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can anyone explain why the heck did i die wiv 3 hits no charm thick (full health 31k)
it happend not just one, riceking did the same thing, buh even lower damage than this 1,

no tt, am jsut askin, ty.

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You probably got heiro'd or charm bypassed.
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4 hits heiro'd? :( so it means she has super fast chant or somthin,? yesterday riceking did the same, i was even full buffd and hits me 7k 4k 4k, i  didnt bother to prnt screen it cuz i was bussy, i just hope theyr not cheatin, anyway thanks tho, next time ill get more pics if it happens again or a video

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Probably hiero'd. For instance a thunder shock-lighting strike can hiero if cast at the right time. You can say their damage combines becouse of their speed, and if you had, lets say 17k HP at that time (with 16k being the tick limit) and he did the hiero for 18k, it bypasses the charm. 

Hiero also applies to when the damage is greater than your current hp, no matter if your charm is ticket or not. Its insta death.

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That's called a three hit heiro. Pyro + Frozen Flame is an example of combo for mages. There is no other explanation, it happens a lot when one of the three hits crit, it is a very common cause now a days in 1vs1s and PK.  On another note, your HP wasn't full when that combo was done, and i know that as a fact.
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took 26023 in total with 31k hp if its exaclty 31000 for example half is 15500 as soon as hp went lower than that charm would tick, those 2 attacks were like 15.9k so his charm shdulve ticked 10k damage shouldn't have killed him this must b a glitch this sht isnt heiro.  farm
these hoes aint shit