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  • REQUIEM - We are collective, resistance is futile
Requiem was created to provide a home where we can work together as a team to reach a common goal in game without all the drama. Where everyone demonstrates respect to others, has a voice and feels as though they contribute to the whole, no matter how small the contribution.

First of all,
If you think you have to fulfill the following rules of conduct, all we want to welcome you in Requiem.

- English language is faction language. We respect all other languages but we speak on faction chat only  English, mainly because everyone know it.
- Not allowed vulgar words, racism, and insults to the religious basis. Do not verbally abuse anyone either faction or non faction.
- We expect you to register here on the guild site and to check in on a regular basis. Don't start any drama anywhere and respect your faction mates.
- This is a TW faction, you are required to attend TWs!
- We have Base event, Guild events, Ventrilo, Forum, Nirvana runs, TM runs, GV runs, TT if any1 need.
- Once per week we have Dragonchild event. Every player with 3000+ merit points can join event and get neck.
In future, all active and loyal Requiem members will get necklese for main caracter.
- Requiem is helpfull guild, so, our members help other members to get armor/weapon if u need.

Requiem website: www.requiem.epw.shivtr.com

Cya in game all

Leader: RankNine
Director: Zaqar
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 :P Rebuilding atm so just feel free to apply at our Website http://requiem.epw.shivtr.com/ or pm us InGame.

Leader: Gamlen
Director: Vookie



Good luck on rebuilding <3

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so little vid nothing special, BUT better than nothing. :)


enjoy music  :P


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Good job Patrick
Gamlen 150 Sage Sin
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I am back to Requiem and you are all welcome :D
we are doing good =]


Leader : Totami
Director: AcheroN

we are good faction and active =] join to requiem and BE requiem  :police: