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I feel like some of GMs that are in here are irl friends with some players , i don't see any other reason. I respect and appreciate your work in here , you do it very well actually. But this has nothing to do with it. I make a comment in one Video , not insulting anyone. Next day i get a message from '' Epic Perfect World'' giving me a warning ,of what ? are you mentally ... ? I pmed one of the gms sending SS's and all of that stuff with a big text when one player was TRUELLY INSULTING  me , and what did you do ? scratch your balls. that's what you did. Is there favorite players for you guys or what lol. It really annoys me the fact you wasted your time sending me a message warning me for no reason and after i send a message with SS's proofs and shit , you do nothing. Im so done.  :normal-18: :normal-18:

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i will take ur items 

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You don't even remember what you wrote, If you want to complain about warning, use proper channels.