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Offline Kvothe

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Hey,I'm selling full AA Demonic Set 5pcs=hat,body,legs,feet,wrist+2 demonic magic rings+demonic bow & sphere.
The price per armor is 150ec each,rings' and weapons' price is still open,so make your offer,although to offers like 100ec for ring/weapon i won't even respond.
I'd also trade armor for HA set and weapons for longsword and edges.
You can respond here in topic,or find me in game on Kvothe or Mue.  :smiley:
Kvothe - 150 Sage Assassin
Mue - 150 Sage Seeker
Delai - 150 Demon Archer
Deynor - 150 Demon Blademaster

Offline MoltoAmore

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Why would you sell armor for 150 which is regular price even when it has your name on it. You really think someone wants to buy something with someone else's name that they can buy for the same price themselves?
hehe xd :police:

Offline BlueRose

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Offline WorldBosh

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Would you trade the AA set and rings for a LA set and rings?

If so, PM WorldBosh or BomberMan.