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New Primal Skill Upgrades (PWCN)

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The end is near.

"PWCN has just released a new expansion and with it come new Primal Skill upgrades and a brand new super skill for each class.

Here is the raw chinese text. http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=adVuCSuH

It would be nice to have some translation help for these skills as I'm not really familiar with all classes and can't read chinese.

I've already done the translation for archer skills below.
The super skill triggers a second skill like a duskblade I think.

Φ/Ω Lightning Strike - Damage increased to base + 150% + 7588
Φ/Ω Thunder shock - Damage increased to base + 100% + 9020, metal debuff increased to 80% (from 50%)
Σ Leap left/right - 3 seconds of anti stun when leaping

Σ Soul Elimination Heavenly Arrow
Mana 225
Channel 0.5s
Cast 1.2s
Cooldown 300s
Consumes (some item)
Required Cultivation Aware of Vacuity

Fuses the casters blood into godly wings of electric destruction.
Deals base + 100% weapon attack + 7458 physical damage.
Increases physical penetration by 3000 for 5 seconds.
Immune to movement impairing effects for 10 seconds.

Randomly triggers Σ Quickshot, Σ Lightning Strike, or Σ Take Aim
2nd skill receives 500% bonus weapon damage.
Requires 1 arrow

Triggered skills
Σ Quickshot - 0.1s channel, 0.6s cast, , 3s cooldown, deals base + 200% + 12508, 30% attack speed increase for 10seconds
Σ Lightning Strike - 0.1s channel, 0.6s cast, 6s cooldown, deals base + 200% + 7588 metal damage and stuns for 3s
Σ Take Aim - 0.1s channel, 0.6s cast, 3s cooldown, deals base + 400%

I'm sure the other classes are getting stuff a lot better...

Other Classes Found Here (If someone wants to post them here).

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Clerics and Mystics get a pretty big boost as well.

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You act like this is gamebreaking. EA, as a class on epw, doesn't have many perks. Sit down.

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Ooooooh seeker part more interesting. Must be voidstep or w.e. About time I pm keke l4l.

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I like the changes

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Nice copypaste of the OP you linked lol....This game will die before we get that patch anyways so who cares.
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Lol those mystic skills ... 8)

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For all my fellow lazy people :police:












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Now i'll die faster in pk. Now=when the patch lands after 20 years. :(
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If the skill break the balance im guessing they aren't going to be added or it will be edited for sure. :-X

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We don't even have the Eclipse patch yet so I highly doubt we'll get these skills any time soon.

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Any vids showing them off?

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this update will come in idk let me see 5 years from now ? if we all still playing pw after 5 years we all ne some F... jesus 

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For all my fellow lazy people :police:



Damn, those pet effects though? Kind of interested in how that will work.
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:'( I don't want the new classes