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QuickScoped - Artifex PvP 19.Nov.2k15

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"You bout to witness a tragic"

Video is long, 90% of pk.

don't have to watch.

Enjoy, or not.

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cc fckien monster 

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Random ss in the middle of the video for what reason o.o?
OT: ty for pk.
Ty Mai & Erelim
I love seans cum
Nice Melody.

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First 30 seconds I heard 'Lil Wayne' come on and instantly closed.


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Watched intro then clicked out.

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Saw name and knew I could watch PWI videos for more entertainment

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Seems like you need me at pk again, my pt can help you to survive by sogging you  :normal-1:

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5 WRs enough to handle this server. Ezpz

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Just DotA, For Ever, Till The End
I'm Not that Good
Maybe am in F*cking, But not at evrything!
زندگیمو میسازم، اونطوری که میخواهم

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Nice pvp, entire server was invited wtf.
Guess being wiped, sig sz and claim victory is the new win, so in that case, fk we lost badly :(


If this was real life, you would have six packs by now, by the number of times u fell down and got back up :normal-2: :normal-2: :normal-2: , all i saw was him being sogged / slept / frozen and failing his 30% galeforce proc. 2/10 video, 1/10 gameplay, 1/10 music, keep making many more videos, you will eventually make a one worth watching  :pig-48: cheers 

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Easy Driver  :)) :))  :-X Nice video boss  :P
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Damn dude easy PK again , no challenge ...Tired of winning everyday against these guys think they need more allies..