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1)Warsong Barrier Void  (2attack level+10-11 magic)
2)Warsong Barrier Void  (2 Def. level+10-11 strength)
3) Puzzle Cube Barge Vain (2Def level+10-11 strength)
4) Draconchild's Scale Sunrise (2attack level+10-11magic)

1)Warsong Barrier Void  (2attack level+40magic attack)
2)Warsong Barrier Void  (2 Def level+114mag.res)
3)Draconchild's Scale Sunrise (20 magic)
4)Puzzle Cube Barge Vain (20 strength)
5)Dragon magic ring (20 magic)

and more more more ..............????...............

Pm me here or pm byLeonid in game

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ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ilmaooooooooooooo

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How much Puzzle Cube Badge Vain (20 strength)?
I kneel only to God, and I don't see him here

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How much Puzzle Cube Badge Vain (20 strength)?
someone offered me 8.5k, but I think that I could not sell before I buy 2 def 10 str