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Weapon Skins as Accessories

Offline Σѕкιмo

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Basically the title. I was wondering if it was possible to make the "weapon skin" slot a second slot for accessories (like reskinning "weapon skins" to be accessories)?
If people wanna wear a weapon skin, fine.
But if they don't and they don't mind regular weapon... it'd be cool to have it to where people could wear 2 accessories as well.
Not sure if it's possible, would be nice if it was.  :-[

Of course, this is if the suggestion of adding a second accessory (not sure where I saw it..) slot isn't possible..

Offline Fab

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Offline Σѕкιмo

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Get out Air Freshener.  :(

Offline Agatio

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It wouldn't work.  I mean it possibly could, not sure, but it would require making another version of each accessory that would go into that slot.

Offline Σѕкιмo

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It wouldn't work.
Ah. That sucks. Is there anything to be done about a second accessory slot? s: