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New Eevnt Idea and Idea for the game in general

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:Legions of Wraiths Event:(an event that happens every 6 hours) Basically this event would involve Mobs attacking the main starter cities ad then we as player defending however their is a catch....Unlike the tiger event where anyone can go anywhere this evernt would be Race related Human to etherblade and so on and how you make it stick would be make it where the items the mobs drop are only unable by humans and you cant acct stash em would give all classes more of a chance. Make it like CoA where you exchange items for stuff maybe molds for a new set of gear (read below)

New Gear
 This gear sets are disigned to give higher lvls some more range on what they can really do with their build types....

Legion Armor sets this armor that require you to do the:Legions of Wraiths Event: and once you have so many of the Item you can then get molds for different sets of armor and weaps and this new gear give a whole new way to think about your toons and the builds...Stuff like Giving a LA set with Str stats for the Fist archers and giving Vit stats to the Hybrid build toons like Aps barbs and BMs....New weaps give a change of pace idea to weaps like giving Sac strike on dags but you dont get -int (yes i realize you ccould possibly do this with R8) or giving a new Long sword with Squad formation ( yes i know you can get it on the 145 long sword) New rings that give you the option of getting either STR DEX VIT or Mag however you are built....New Ornaments like a Belt that offers higher HP but less def or high def but less HP stats....I have lots of other ideas but it is getting late and i wanna go over the rest of my stuff ( IF anyone wants to know more Contact KillaSin or KillaBarb

New items and change to current ones..... An increased acct stash would help me alot i pass 16 things back and forth between toons and if i want to pass stuff like EXP orbs i have to move thing in and out alot -.- it is annoying, I have seen this on another private server just wanted Agatio to look in on it :D....EPIC LEGION COINS this is the item that drops from the new event and no you cant trade between players this only HUmans can turn in human coin and so on and you can acct stash em...

These are just a few suggestions i have.....i have more and i will added them later :) Thx Agatio for being our fearles leader :D and making this fun server

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Doesn't sound bad, but It's gonna be alot to just add to server like that
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Sounds good, espacially the Part with new/ other Gear, of course the current Gear is Great, but there should be an Alternative, for an Alternative Build for example! And automated events every 6 Hours is a good idea i think, but i don't know in how much it's possible to Create..

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Not bad idea. how long and what day would it be held on?
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  :tiger-8::monkey-50: Dosnt sound bad at all kinda sounds fun tbh :monkey-42: :tiger-40:

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God i really hate to sound like a troll, but i do have mixed opinions on this. However know that any critism i provided is given with the best intentions. I may get passionate with this, so if things get kinda headed, just know i probably go caught in the moment, i will however try to keep it professional.

Ok first off, i LUV the race wars idea, it's been suggested before and I usually back the whole thing 100%. However, i do have alot of issues with it as well. First of all R8 already added a big unbalence to the game, it gave may people the ability to get "unfair" setups through luck or wealth. As it stands, R8 is already doing a drunken stagger on the fine line that holds the balence in the game, i think if we push more gear it may push things over the edge. Dont get me wrong, i'd LOVE new gear, i just dont think it's a good idea right now. Also Archers dont need fists, it's something i liked about this server, archers are actually archers. Without bows, they are basically assassins without moves x3
Also, i know you are aware of the squaareformation on 145 seeker weps, but you can also get darken for 140, and u can get square on 150 dragon, AND r8. For those who dont know it, barbs and seekers can reforge their dragon wep for alternate bonuses at the weapon forge. Also there shouldnt be GoF or zerk on daggers. It is bad enough it's on r8. But combine a wep with GoF+double int, and you can end up getting a hybrid sin with 5.0 and GoF and that's a gamekiller folks. Of course it will take luck, but it is very possible, and very op'ed. Furthermore, while i apreciate your idea, i must point out that it is also very biased. The gear you proposed focuses around Aps, fists for barbs, archers, bms, and zerk for sins. I think the game is fine as it is, and making it easier to aps might just start lazy pvp. Sins bm etc can already aps, and archers here do pretty dam well without fists. Barbs can also acheive aps fairly eaily, and Yes it does sacrifice defence and hp, but i believe it is a fair price to pay considering they arent supposed to have fists. I have also proposed archer using daggers, but i can now see how that can have drawbacks too. Archers use bows, and if they want to aps, they either need to make sacrifices for it, or create a character more suited for it.
Again, i'm not dissing your idea, i really do like it, but the gear you proposed, if put into place would likely kill pvp on this server. But the acount stash boost, and the race wars idea i really love. Tho, flaws i have found in race wars are that squads would lack diverity and only EG and elves could res. I think that otherwise i'd be a good idea. I ALSO THINK there sound be three fronts: an attack from one side with phys immune mobs, another from another side with mag immune, and then once both waves are defeated, a boss wave spawns that requires both classes to fight. The advantage of this being, the waves could be customized for each class to make them use their skills alone, leting them play their class, and being useful as many classes are neglected or unappreciated. Possible fronts could be:
Humans: South Etherblade for Wizards, North Etherblade for BMs, and Flying mobs East of Etherblade for boss wave, assorted with phys and mag immune to encourage squading.
Untamed: South Lost for Barbs, North Lost for Venos, Boss wave could be on the platues above lost. Possibly placing stunning or freezing mag mob amisdt the melee fighters to make mass pulling trickier for barbs, and encouraging venos to do pet pulls to eliminate mages so that barbs can round up the masses.
Winged Elves: East Plume for Archer, alot of room for ranged fighting. North Plume for Clerics small area for fighting however mobs could be wood, letting clerics work their metal damage, while some have bb or red bubble nearby to heal other clerics or make them channel faster. Keep in mind clerics have res too, so if they die it wont be too much of a loss. Boss wave could be South Plume, near the Bridge of Grace, Mobs could cross over bridge in huge masses, but in a narrow spot, letting archer pick them off while clerics heal, and giving archers enough room to sufficiently lessen their numbers before they can close in.
Tideborn: The only REAL gate is the south gate, however, the road splits, and can take a western and eastern front. Western is wider, room for more mobs, spread out for 1v1, making an army of sins to attack them invidually and slowly chip away at them ideal. The eastern front is more narrow, good for placing a large amount of Phys imm mobs in a small space. This will let Psychics make the most of their many aoes. Once both fronts are cleared, the northern basin could be the Boss front, which is ideal, since by that point, the psys and sins will have had to clear up to that point anyways. And after, you can use the teleport in the wall to tele to elder and turn in.
Earthguard: there are there gates at east Tellus, Northeast could be Mystics, with mobs spawning from north, between restless outlands and decaying woods. Southeast could be seekers territory, HOWEVER they will be long ranged, OUSIDE Vortex range (yes even sage) forcing seekers to actually use moves, insteads of vortexing like they do in most PvE situations. The boss wave could work differently, Mobs will spawn from center decaying woods, THEIR goal to head to city, seekers could form a vortex wall at all gate especially central where the majority of mobs will go, preventing them from entering gates why mystics provide healing and magic, while the remaining seekers lure or act as a mobile attack force as opposed to the others, who maintain a stationary one.

Anyways, those are just some ideas. I'm not telling you how this event should be, it's your idea, not mine. I just thought, that after throwing some of my critism your way, i'd throw in some tips, and ideas to help refine your idea. It usually helps when plans are thought out b4 gms accept it. Less stress on them. Anyways, thats my post, pls dont take any of it the wrong way. Naw i'm gonna go throw up (not related, just suffering from nausia, thing it was food poisoning)   :normal-20: :normal-31: :tiger-31:
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