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late night banter


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First video, just some random pk nothing serious!

no hate plz
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Bad EA. 


I jk ow.

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Nice first video John.

PK looks easy as usual when same numbers anyways no challenge..

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easy pk lol 

good video man

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this is like playing CoD against Bots in Recruit difficulty 
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nice video, very amazing gameplay, high kdr  :tiger-9:

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Nice first video John.

PK looks easy as usual when same numbers anyways no challenge..
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Top notch waifu.
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You shouldn't use quickshot after 3 sparking

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top tier artifex EA using quickshot after 3spark ^___________________________________________^

I heard that someone quoted me saying that im braindead n QS gives more aps than 3spark, you gotta be sooooo stupid to be using QS exactly after 3spark when the 3spark buff is 15second and QS is less than 10seconds..instead of increasing your critrate with the other skill...oh my god n i was called braindead  :normal-2: :normal-13: :normal-12: 
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Bad players #PrayForParis

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Such a pro EA it hurts my soul.
Great vid bro keep em coming!