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Gah! R8 Reforge


All my r8r on my veno came out perfect first try...but my husband has spent about 30k ec rolling all 3 of his r8r toons  :monkey-32:

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You people are much more determined than I. Decided to quit today after getting 33 magic rolls in a row reshaping r8 boots on sin. It needs fixing, because I have heard plenty more stories like mine. It becomes no fun very fast. Goodbye epw  :P

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maybe they should fix that,
cuz ur like wasting ur ec's in only reforging ur R8 stuff.
i wont waste my ec's in that.
unless ur very rich, or u think its fun to farm ec,
then u have no trouble in doing that.
but i deffinetly wont. x.x
Cuz i've met enough ppl who had magic in their armor,
while they wer heavy/light armor users.  ???

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yea you end up using up a lot i mean a lot of ec and i still end up with fail stats on my r8

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well, considering R8 can be the difference between being average or OP'ed i think it's about fair. Yes it sucks monkeyballz spending hundreds of ec only to get stats that amount to nothing but a pile of horsesh*t, but in my opinion, settling for less til u rank up enough ec for major collateral in case you fail is better than trying to role perfect stats in the beginning. Plus, perfecting it is nearly impossible, so it means there's ALWAYS something you can improve. With the introduction or R8, pvp may have lost some balence, but now there's always something you can do. And if you arent cut out for the whole gambling thing, then i suggest u stay with Dragon gear and work on your r8 WEAPON, cause the weapon is pretty much the jewel of r8. And lets all be honest, yes, a well forged r8 set can KILL dragon, but dragon can wipe the floor with fail r8 any day. So until u perfect r8, or if the whole gamble not for you, stick with dragon. It's already more than adept for pvp lol
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