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Blackscreen issue on startup

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I've been playing using Windows 10 no problem, and have always played in windowed mode.  Yesterday my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to check out full screen.  So I checked my monitor settings and the choose the correct resolution, then selected 'full' hit apply and bingo blackscreen.  So I couldnt play.  I used the task manager to close down the client and reopened it to another blackscreen, bummer.  I then used the task manager to minimise the blackscreen client and opened a second client which is still in windowed mode, so I can still play and I then close down the blackscreen client.  All other clients I then open are in windowed mode.

Now when I shut down for the day and start again, I have to go through the same process as the first client always opens in a fullscreen blackscreen.

My question is, with that blackscreen, is there a button I can press to toggle out of full screen mode, otherwise I'm stuck doing it that way from now on.  Unless anyone has any other suggestions........

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You can choose windowed option while the patcher is still on (along with any other setting you wish to change before entering the game)
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Thanks very much.  I have never explored those tabs before.  Problem solved  :)


you have to use windowed mode with PWI on windows 10 as you don't have Direct3D support what-so-ever. them dropping that feature is what causes the black screen.

This cannot be fixed by us, nor by PW-CN.

(if you wanna be 100% certain, try playing Bejeweled 3. If you see a loading screen, that means that Direct3D isn't on your PC. Bejeweled 2 Deluxe has features that you cannot enable because it'll whine about Direct3D not being there.

And no, you can't use backups from W8.1; they will refuse to work as there is barely any dx9 support on that O/S.)