Epic Perfect World

Hello plp :) here some of my ideas for future

Offline Colaris

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well lest begin   
i guess that for customising gears atm by just changing their colors is a good idea
sush weapons stiles like Wheel of Warfogs to look in an other color like Yellow - Blue - green - black- Red ECT

same whit gears stiles  like  Cascade Glow Set by example   that gear looks like the lvl 120 HA one
imagine it in a dark color  ;D  COOL

atm this is all  il be putting more ideas   

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I agree these would be very nice things to add.

There is a bit of a problem though... I don't believe Perfect World supports this sort of player interactivity. As far as I know skins for things like armor are fixed in a database which is downloaded along with the client. I'm fairly sure it's  way beyond the GM's  ability to access this sort of thing. (As it would involve a major re-write of the way all skins and appearances are handled in the code, let alone interactive editting.)

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This is why PWI added clothing was to make your char more customizable....I would however like to see a different set of armor for 150 ppl besides the r8 crap cause that crap is ridulous.............