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Epic Perfect World - Uptown Funk music video

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Hello Guys , I'm back with another In-Game Music Video from Epic Perfect World .
The last time that i made a music video from epw was Moves Like a Jagger but it was 3 years ago .
So today i made a new one . 2015 Version :)
I had fun making the video with friends . This is EPW - Uptown funk music video . Please watch it .
I hope you'll all like it . 
Btw , Watch it on HD . :)

Heres 3 years ago Video from EPW also . Moves Like Jagger  ;D

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i liked the music.

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LOL! nicely done.

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haha good one! 

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haha good one!

Thank you :)
LOL! nicely done.

i liked the music.

I like it too 

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I enjoyed watching them both. Definitely different from what we usually see on here.

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These types of videos are my favorite. 

Good job on them! They're great.  ;)

Take care, lovelies! ♥

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Nicely done meng best music :o

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Well done :-[
I loved how some parts of the song fit the characters maneuvers :O like "stretch" or "STOP" etc

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very nice, well done. 
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