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Patakas for AA veno still pending?

Offline Ormin

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Does anyone knows when will Veno
get back normal Pataka with normal
AA requirements?

Can we have both versions of Pataka?

For example, go to Forge or Spirit and
recraft your Dragon Pataka to AA.

Offline Agatio

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Dragon pataka is a hybrid-melee weapon in the first place, why would you want to remove str requirement from it?

Offline Ormin

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Didn't want to remove it.
Keep one for HA.

Wanted standard Pataka
for AA Veno.

If possible.

Offline Donald Trump

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Probably too much effort for him 
may be seen checking forums at times of boredom and nothingness to do

Offline C

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It'd be better if the m. attack was raised on the Pataka. The fact it's lower than the Dragon Glaive is just  :-X

Sad moment when you've got a 3-4 line attack level weapon that doesn't hit significantly harder.