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Upgraded Morai Skills

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I can't seem to find the answer anywhere, maybe someone here can help me.
With the basic morai skills, there's an upgraded version.
How does one go about doing this?

Also, I heard that on some servers you can somehow find alternate versions of the veno "Bewitch" morai skill which turns the target into other animals besides the puffbird.
Is this feature available on this server?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.

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i'll be honest with you...i have no idea haha
we have Veno GM's i'll wait for them to answer you :D
or any other Veno in the serv for that matter lol
sorry im of no help on this one :/

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I'm not a veno, but if my brain doenst fail me, the upgrade version of the basic skill, you can find by doing the EU instanse or by buying the Universe chest from the botique...

About the other question, no in here the venos only turn you in puffybird...It was discussed at the start with Agatio about giveing other options, but i dont think it was finded needed :)
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Any advanced morai skill (including venomancers) can be found in a universe chest, which can be obtained by doing Endless Universe or buying from the boutique. These chests, when opened, have a random chance of giving you any advanced morai skill (not just the one for your class) or an item.

Generally, each class has only one advanced morai skill, (wizards might have two, not sure on this though) and then another morai skill that cannot be gained by any order but needs to be obtained by the universe chest.

And no, venomancers can only turn someone into a puffbird.

Hope this helps.

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i know that the addvanced skill to the bewitching skill (the turn person into puffbird) is bewitching tiger turns them into a tiger 

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Thanks to all of you for your help.