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Halloween patch v129

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Halloween patch has arrived to Epic Perfect World. Due to this occasion we will be activating zombie events on the streets of following towns: Walled Stronghold, Tusk Town, Plume City, City of Lost, Etherblade, Archosaur.

This patch also brings new Nation Wars map which hopefully will make things more enjoyable and balanced.

> Full patch notes
> Manual patch

We have also opened a drawing contest. click here for the link of all the information about it.

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Halloween zombie event is back! Undead mobs have various goodies with them, including Halloween Candies, which can be exchanged for event items!

Added following items:
* New Halloween themed flights, weapons, pets and titles
* New fashion and armor fashion
* Some new regular weapon skins, including fist models for magic classes

Other changes and improvements:
* Nation Wars map has been reworked
* You can now use Dragon Blood Stones to hone your gear at Crimson Officer Zhao
* Event flights can be bought now with tradeable Event Flight Tokens (which you can get from God's Giving or Events Forge)
* You can now rename your pets at Mounts&Pets NPC (no rename scroll required)
* You can now trade Guardian runes to Defense runes (and vice-versa) at God's Giving
* You can now exchange between Guild Base arrows/bolts/shots at God's Giving
* You can now trade your Ducky Balloon for the smaller version (and vice-versa) in Events Forge
* Increased maximum stack amount of base ammo packs

New Nation Wars map:


OMG YAY ITS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank youuuuuu Aga!!

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HURRAY. Omg. I can't wait.

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you say the new map makes it more balanced, but i can't see how it'll have any effect what-so-ever on balance


Daim thank you very much for no x2 Lol
i was praying for no x2 exp/drops

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Do the zombie events start at random times?
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Is the shutdown gonna be a reset or like do we have to wait 20 mins or w/e?

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Daim thank you very much for no x2 Lol
i was praying for no x2 exp/drops
2x only in weeks :)'
TY Aga for patch <3

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* Some new regular weapon skins, including fist models for magic classes

Best suggestion me tyy boss eyyy
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Thanks for the patch!  :police:

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Thank you very much gm Aga :3

Worth the wait  :D
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