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test test - wr pvp lol

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bored and wanna try it out sry for being baddie rofl

Nice video and good job with the 1v1s
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remove the &feature=youtu.be part of the link so it'll appear as a media player (if you want that)
even now, i still do ❤

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Ey GermanPantiesBNerdling next youtube star o/


xD filthy nerd 18 peice macro switcher, oops wrong video xd  :police:, OT: good video meng i didnt know that BM was you lale

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haha ducci why so sb

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i didn't know u were recording lel ,  good video man  :police:

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BC its you :O good video :D u should make more

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I liked the intro
And so castles made of sand fall in the sea, eventually...

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bcool haha noob sb nerd
Naice video mate
u Should make more

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Good BM in 1v1, i've always liked it!
Nice video Ducci 
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