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Happy b day Lauren (Faeluna)

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Happy b day noob   :normal-23: :normal-48: :normal-37:

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Happy bday qtie. :-* :-*

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happy birthday dude

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Happy birthday e-date of PedroSner, wish you many e-kisses and hugs at cromagnon from PedroSner

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Filthy edaters, happy birthday. 

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy birthday Faenoba :pig-23:


Happy bday Lauren! :-*

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Happie Burthdai SLAYluna!

💠just a weed in your garden of flowers💠

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Happie B'day Fae!!

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Happy Birthdayyy

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Happy Birthday!
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[5:01:21 PM] Mitch: cause real nigas don't need gear or nothing

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Is that all you say to your edate you F***** LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL
also happy bday
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Happy Bday Fealuna :pig-4:

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:-[ Happy B-day, have a good one and eat lot's of cake!