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EA - Spirit Blackhole +Quickenstone


I find it rather unfair that if an ea uses quicken stone in a spirit blackhole bow, it negates the spirit blackhole effect. Making the bow pretting much a fast aps bow. Can this be adjusted so that spirit blackhole procs as well as this stone? I mean for example - Gof interval daggers usually have gloom stone imbued in them, however the gloom stone/quicken stone doesn't negate the effect of GoF. So can this be fixed for ea's please?

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No I think this is hard coded


No I think this is hard coded
That's bull shit

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Even if it were possible to change the stones cancelling out  Spirit Blackhole or Soul Shatter it shouldn't be done.  GoF and Sac Assault weapons cost you something with every proc.  As far as i can remember those are the only 2 skills that come on weapons that the stones do not overwrite.  You're asking for a gain without having any drawback to it at all.