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element client always crash/reportbugs after select char and login game,
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Make sure you have the whole EPW folder added in your antivirus exception list, and to be in window mode if you're using windows 10.
Alternatively, you may have to download the game again (using torrent/Internet Explorer to avoid corruption)
Also, here are some fixes, that may work

Game client crashes upon logging your toon

- Go to http://panel.epicpw.com/resetstuck.php to move your toon to the safe spot
- Solutin above might not be permanent - in this case go to EPW/element/userdata and delete systemsettings.ini file and Layout folder - start client and check again
- If problem still persists, click Verify button on patcher and check again
- Finally if the problem will still persist, it means that the client is corrupted. In this case please redownload / reinstall the client

01.01.2016. ♥

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not work, i use patch version and patching to my pw official client version 1.5.2,, maybe it's problem?

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aw yes you cannot patch the pwi client :/ cuz they are on a version ahead of ours.
you will need to downlaod our client /: