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New to EpicPW!

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So I just landed here today to start up a nostalgic mmorpg from my younger days.

Is the server population good? I`ve been trying to find a good pw private server lately that isn't a ghost town.

I hope to make lots of new friends and comrades in game!  :normal-25:

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Welcome! This is the most crowded pw server as far as I know and really active, with an active staff. ^-^ See you in-game!

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Epic is full of people, whether they be ghastly, friendly, silly, or wonderful!
Never a quiet gap in World Chat, and no matter where you are you will have someone to meet, duel, pk, or whatever.
Constant support, and daily events occurring regularly.
Too many factions to count, and well just in general, Epic has always been the server I return too  ;)

Hope you enjoy your stay!

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Yes, the population is good, people are friendly and helpful,
GM's are perfect within human limits, and the game is made
easy, once you learn the tricks. Browse NPC's and forges,
you can find a lot of helpful details different than on official PWI.

There are PK guilds, there also are PvE guilds, but most
of them accept either way inclined players.

And do "Speed Things Up" quest from God's Giving.
Daily 25 mill XP. No need to combine shards, buy them
from Jewelcraftsman, tab Shards. :)

Card bosses take more than two hours to finish,
but at the end killing Hammerfall will give you
six Super Level Scrolls, 80 mill XP each.
In any guild someone will know how to help.
(Do card bosses on higher toon when have one,
and give SLS's to your next, lower lvl alt.)

Restat is easy, point reset notes are cheap at
God's Giving. Making lvl 130 gear is easy, you can,
for example, easy experiment if HA or LA or AA
veno is better for your own play style.


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welcome to the friendly server 

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Glad to see there are a lot of active players!  :normal-48:

I can`t wait to jump in and start playing! 


Welcome to EPW!

If you ever need EC I can help you get them through our most popular players.  :monkey-4:

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Welcome! If you need any help don't be hesitant to ask :D I hope you enjoy your gaming time here :)

01.01.2016. ♥

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Welcome to EpicPW!
Please ignore all words that Goldenwishes says, that's our first rule here.
Second, it's good to see new faces around!
Hope you enjoy your stay  :-*
See you in-game!

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I'm new here too :-*
"The past was a blast but had gone being none or more than a dream in the daylight"

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I'm new here too :-*
How can I add an image to the signature? ??? ??? ???

....I got it
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"The past was a blast but had gone being none or more than a dream in the daylight"

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Hi welcome.
Watch out for the pixels, I mean people.
Some of them tend to be desperate. Other than that enjoy your stay.

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Sometimes it physically pains me to hold back my sarcastic comments.

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Welcome, if you need help Pm me at Skype or in-game :3