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Model.pck cannot be extracted and create client's start up error

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I know that this topic already talked in other room
but i want to ask a request, because i notice this same problems keep happening without anybody fix it

and all they said is we must redownload or reinstall it again,,
(with Torrent, and i say, i download this game with torrent, and still have same problems),,i will said that not helping at all

I will tell you what is happening, in case you didnt know,, i read in many forum, and i notice the problems is with Winrar Application,,
Winrar have problem for extracting file over 2GB, and unfortunetly, EPW "models.pck" file is over 2GB
and if we want to fix it, we must download other PWI or PW-private servers client, and copy models.pck file to EPW directories.<----- THIS IS NOT HELPING AT ALL

Because you must know for some people that kind of activity, which is redownload other Client, which is another 8GB, is very troubling... because not all of us have very good internet connection,, and because of that many people will loss hope with this game and will not play this game

and my suggestion is, Please GM or ADMIN, make it more easier for us by upload models.pck file in this forum,, so we can download it manually from you.. and we can play this game without any trouble

Thank you,, and hope for your understanding of this situations

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And this is another attachments

about extracting failed, in winrar because its more than 2GB

so if anybody can put/upload model.pck file, it will be very helping for us

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sorry but same with 7zip too :-[

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Try 7zip?  :normal-43:

and swayne if its okey with you
can you give me your model.pck, which is in elements folder of yours EPW?

its really helpful if you can :(


Redownload the entire client (Preferred method is via torrent.)

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WinRAR 5 doesn't have this issue anymore :/
That was happening on previous versions.

Usually corrupted files are corrupted by antivirus or imbued antivirus, even if you download via Torrent but you have the premium access, which contains an antivirus, it will corrupt your files.

Best safe way is using something to download it WITHOUT any virus check up, like for example IDM, Torrent but not premium, etc...