Epic Perfect World

Im am new needing help

I downloaded the game and tryed extracting it but something wrong
Is there a guide somewhere that tells what to do o get this game downloaded and etc.. Iv spent  days with this and nothing am i needing the Perfect world International first or what because i have that already Im totally lost of how to get Epic Perfect World downloaded and extracted and etc.. needing a guide here

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If im not wrong and ET might correct me, you now need to download the all game.
You can find that in here:


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I downloaded the Mirror 1: EpicPW Descent client

am I needing to download all the EpicPW 1-8 at botton there

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Maybe you extracted the wrong file? Did you extract launcher? Sorry if this sounds stupid  :tiger-43:
Also, I believe you need to download the 1-8 zips to extract it o.o
It wouldnt extract at first but winrar repaired and its extracting now but not sure what else to do after that am i needing to take this file to replace my PWI files I lost here

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After its successfully extracted it should work  :tiger-16:
Its just a folder i extracted it to the desktop but when i go through the folder and find the elementclient it comes to the sign in page and it wants me to pick a server but theres nothing there to choose so i close that out and it has the sign in boxes when i login in it says canot connect to server I think its missing stuff Im not sure what to do ot download

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start the game from EPW/patcher/patcher.exe and update it
there is not patcher.exe file. the folder on my desktop all it has in it is config folder and a element folder and i went through those there is no patcher.exe file


If you need "perfect world international" you downloaded a PWI to EPW patch, which doesn't work anymore.
Try using BitTorrent to download
or using Internet Explorer  to download
element client is in one of the folders i dont see patcher or the launcher files thou how do i fix this iv downloaded this twice now its been 3 days almost 4 iv started to get this game up and going
i already had PWI on my computer which i play iv been reading the forums and did find out that u cant overwrite pwi with EPW file any more i know that now but im missing the patcher and the launcher files i have the elementclient file which i click it it comes to the sign in page which a server box pops up for me to choose from but theres no server chooses to choose from so i clicked it out and tryied signing in which give me a cannot connect to sever error


EPW to PWI doesn't work anymore.
I know that now but how do i fix the issue i have from downloading from drect link iv tried the torrent also it doesnt work that why i i download the direct link on download page mirror 1 which i have downloaded it twice now and still have the same issue after extracting it to my desktop it made a folder for EPW but in that folder there is only a config folder and a element folder which in the element folder there is the elemect client but i looked through all folder for the patcher and the laucher there is none how do i get these files or if i download patch 39 do you think it will work i cant get the game box to come up where there is a start botton to click or where i can auto undate it just goes straight to the sign in page which comes to the errors i wrote about above


Your file setup doesn't look like this.. Except the epw_launcher will be called launcher.exe or launcher.bat.

If that isn't the case, try extracting to a different place (eg. make a folder in your documents, extract to there) and check again.