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A List of "Broken" Class Features by Domgrath

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I was sitting on Ventrilo with a few of my faction mates and someone had brought up how

"since Domgrath posted the video of shackle hitting him 30K's, there has been an increase of DD cleric's on this server, it's so annoying"

Link to thread below


When he brought this up, I said "Cleric's are broken".. Then I got to think. "What class isn't broken?"

Jokingly they replied that "All classes but barbarians are broken, right?" Which made me laugh, and start to thinking. What is it that really makes these certain classes "broken?"

Let's list them out! This isn't mean to be a flame, QQ thread, or anything of the sorts. I'd like to just share my opinions on why some classes have their advantages that aren't gear related.

  • Permanent reduction of APS/Maximum HP due to spammable Life Hunter skill

That's all I can really list about assassin when it comes to class abilities. Sin's aren't "broken" per say, when it comes to the class itself. It's moreso the gear on Epic that provides them with the edge they seemingly have.

My rating for Assassin? Annoying

  • Solid Shield - Genie Ability
  • Invoke of the Spirit

The only thing that I find broken about the class is that there is a lot of damage reduction, however since barbarian is meant to be the primary "tank" class on Perfect World, I can't really find this out of place. Some could argue that Cornered Beast is a broken feature, however, I suppose the same could be said for Assassin's and Cleric's which both have skills of the same nature.

My rating for Barbarian? Annoying

  • Morai Skills - Health Regeneration Prevention
  • Mark of Weakness
  • Magical Shackle
  • Seal of the God
Cleric in many ways is without a doubt one of the most "broken classes" when it comes to DD skills. Their Health Regeneration Prevention skills not only stop regeneration by Pot's and Healing Skills, but this also disables the Cornered Beast / Deaden Nerves proc and instantly kills the player. An effective "Hiero Bug" in sorts.

Mark of Weakness being able to do soul-force damage through skills such as Seal of the God which makes this class also broken when it comes to DD ability.

Magical Shackle being able to be spiked into the 20-30K per proc for a duration 5x longer than the Psychic reflection counterpart makes this the most broken feature of the Cleric class.

Seal of the God is an honorable mention due to it being nearly spammable in combat in tandem with Sleep, which will lead to the target's buffs to run out (Deaden, Cornered Beast, etc.) and leading to an almost certain Hiero Bug.

My rating for Cleric? Absolutely Disgusting


Absolutely nothing about this class stands out at first glace. Archer is probably one of the only balanced classes on this game.

My rating for Archer? Completely fine


Once again nothing about this class truly stands out at first glance. Like Archer, Psychic isn't "broken" in terms of features. It's the gears on EPW that will make a difference in game-play, the class itself has nothing wrong with it.

My rating for Psychic? Completely Fine

  • 0 Physical Defense debuff (20% Chance)
  • Venomancer pets having ability to be godly tanky
  • Feral Concentration Anti-Damage buff
  • Arcane Antinomy (Physical Damage)
  • Chi Burn
  • Low-cooldown Purge
  • Soul Drain (Doll Totem)

Venomancer has the longest list of "broken features" on this list thus far, placing them at the moment #1 on terms of class-overpower.

0PDEF Proc's too much. Simple as that. For a feature so broken that it will render the most tanky players defenseless and allow them to be one-shottable by Arcane Antinomy or Pet damage, it proc's too much. The solution that I can think of is reducing the % chance down to 10%, which would make the skill a lot less helpful in a Veno's PK tactics, this was implemented elsewhere many times and seemed to fix the 0PDEF problem.

Something else that could help balance this would be making Arcane Antinomy Magical Damage instead of Physical.

Veno's have the largest amount of damage-reduction/prevention skills in-game aside from Barbarian.. Including:

Bramble Hood, Blazing Barrier, Feral Concentration.

They can also Purge constantly, making it hard to rebuff mid-fight due to a low-cooldown purge. Chi Burn stealing 2 sparks at the cost of 25 Chi for venomancer also is a huge issue when it comes to fighting a venomancer.

Pet's have too much damage-reduction when built as a CC assistant, and finally Soul Drain. Which will deal raw damage through any immunity status affect.

Veno's have a lot going for them when it comes down to class abilities, which makes them one of the most challenging classes to fight if they know what they're doing.

My rating for Venomancer? Absolutely Disgusting

  • Absorb Soul
  • Low-cooldown for Pet Summoning

There's not much to say about Mystic other than they're extremely powerful DD's. (Although they're a support class*?)

Absorb Soul tearing through any defensive buff/damage reduction skill, as well as casting through AD/etc. In Duels.

This was already nerfed from being able to Crit, however I believe this skill should have a higher cooldown on it so that they aren't as broken as they seemingly are.

As for Pet Summoning, they need to have a longer cooldown on this as well. As it currently stands, a Mystic can use the Devil's stun feature, wait 2 seconds and resummon the pet, being able to stun again continuously. Effectively stun-locking their opponent if used in tandem with the correct skills.

My rating on Mystic?  Gross

  • Edged Blur
  • Sacrificial Slash
  • GoF'd Metal Damage

Edged Blur being able to proc through damage reduction skills like Absorb Soul & Magical Shackle makes this one of the most broken features of a Seeker, the ability to APS while using Edged Blur as well makes them a tough opponent in a 1v1 if using APS.

Sacrificial slash being able to give players -50 defense levels when the seeker has high defense gears makes this a broken feature as well in comparison to the other classes.

The most annoying thing about a seeker is the fact that when using a GoF longsword there is a chance for God of Frenzy to deal 2x damage on a Metal Damage proc.

Gear has a massive role to play in the success of a seeker however, making them a lower priority on my list, as well as being extremely predictable in a fight.

My rating for Seeker? Annoying


Nothing wrong with this class at all. Probably one, if not the most balanced in-game.

My rating for Blademaster? Completely fine.

And finally, the last class

  • Genie Spark
  • Arcane Defense
  • Low-Cooldown self heal

Genie Spark makes the class deal too much damage. It's a simple fact that even with a low-tier weapon, a fully-geared Wizard would be able to still deal massive amounts of damage when using this skill.

The only solution that I can see to this problem would be to reduce the reduction of Genie Spark massively, rendering it at least 60% less powerful.

Arcane Defense makes Wizards nearly unkillable when using APS and not being an Assassin for teleports, giving an advantage over certain playstyles.

Spammable Morning Dew allows a Wizard to tank high-APS such as 5.0 without dying due to such rapid healing ability.

Although the list for Wizard is small in comparison to other classes, they still are one of the biggest-problems on this server when it comes to skill-abilities.

My rating for Wizard? Absolutely Disgusting

In the end, this server is extremely-gear based. This thread was just pointing out the abilities that make a class "Broken" in a sense when fully geared, although very situational.

Every class has their up's and downs, but it's clear that there are a few that stand out in terms of having more abilities that will aid them massively in comparison to others.

Yes, I was bored and not doing Nw when I made this.

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Why am I not surprised you're the author of this thread

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Hi Goldenwishes


None of these are "broken" to the point where they need any changes whatsoever.

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None of these are "broken" to the point where they need any changes whatsoever.
Do you even PK

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just LOL.... nothing more
The moment when haters become fans *rofl*

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There you go.you can mke you own "balanced server" and have 1337 online :police:
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i agree
especially wizards
these hoes aint shit

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Good Lord.
You just mentioned the perks of every class, lovely.
1 /18 /16

Bye, xo.


how bored are you josh......


I think wizards and demon venomancers need to be buffed to balance this server even more LMAO !

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I can't wait to see your thread about duskblades....