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Boosting coz in pwi is different ;c

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Suggestions ;D
1. Bloodpaint
it should heal 50% of what player deals coz we got much much dmg but hp too and pwi hp 20k and heal is 100 makes big difference but here no make difference ? why wat :(
2. Purify from ep
it should be aoe coz its annoying to click on every lol -.-  was suggested be4 but noob ppl :(
3. Mystic AS
in pwi as has chance of crit why here no im like whyyy :(
4. Dragon rising
WB knockdown only 3sec but spam lol? i want dragon rising to use and have brainless lock never ending :(
5. Shackle dmg is low? only 28k lmao -.- should be more dmg and ep should have aoe on it , dd ep cant mass pk saddddddddddd ;c
6. Shadow Sight shouldnt recognize ec :( everytime people ask mihi for ec he says he doesnt have and they check his bag and call him liar (he mentioned but no1 took it into consideration :( )
7. mystic pets should tank and hit 2k/ hit lol.
8. please add revelation pots for sins so they can see other sins (this is actually real suggestion, others are just troll )
9. please add 0,20 interval blessbox for sin coz in mass pk bloodpaint isnt enough so more dmg= more heal? : D
10. please make genie spark like 0pdef lol, it shouldnt be % which at some point after 120 dex it removes to 0 anyway but should be 0 lol, its not fair to hit only 50k lmao :(
thank u guys ^>^

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nice man
Helping goldenwishes get as to crit ^>^

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When drugs hit you hard  :-\

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When you get high for the first time and have a shitty trip.

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am I allowed #2 ?

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Sometimes it physically pains me to hold back my sarcastic comments.

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I support this because Donald Trump would.. +1
Ty Mai & Erelim
I love seans cum
Nice Melody.

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kitty stew

- Jones blessing 

- jet fuel (for melting steel beams) 

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agatio please stop being indifferent to his other boost/nerf post
you are making players do drugs :(
notice him

your kungfu is goot

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