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Ever quiet, till the end in silence

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Take care the few here that knew, knew of and cared about me. PW was good times, bad times, ragey times, fun times, but finite time nonetheless, and it is time to move on.

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Sorry to see you going Wally, have fun mate

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bye wally, sad to see you go :tiger-36: :tiger-36:


Damn Wally, why you do this :normal-12:
gl m8

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I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.

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Good-bye, lovely.
1 /18 /16

Bye, xo.


create new folder > rename epw > delete > recycle bin > right click > ss, nice try kid see you next week


Bai, good luck with stuff whoever you are :police:

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  • im in sean guild i mean its for officer guild
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i dotn know you but goodbye meng 


Please donate all your ornaments via mail to Goldenwishes! Thanks  :-*


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Take Care And gl in whatever u do

Siggy By Lisa

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When u have Vit tome or nice Ornas donate to me Viversum :3



When u have Vit tome or nice Ornas donate to me Viversum :3

I asked for them first O.o they are mine...