Epic Perfect World

It's been epic, but I have to go.


My friends and my guildies know that I've been having health issues lately. Moreover, my last year of college is about to start. Working on my thesis and dealing with other important things I have kept postponing are now a must. 

I am going to take a long break from EPW. I might be back in a year, or I might never return. I'd like to thank everyone who has contributed to making my gaming experience enjoyable, from friends to GMs, guild members, and even "foes".

I will keep in touch with those of you who care to continue a friendship outside the game on WhatsApp/Skype/Facebook. 

Goodbye!  :)

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See you in a week (Sorry I had to) Good luck in real life with your studies  ^-^
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I'm extremely upset to hear this. Zilara I appreciate everything you've done for me and I have tons of respect for the amount of things that you've accomplished here in epw. It's sad to see such a GREAT person leave, and I truly hope you return one day. Thank you for everything, and if you ever need someone I'm always around, I hope we can still continue our friendship outside of game. Please get well soon, you deserve true happiness.
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This is not the first thread like that, from you. What the fk are you doing.

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Good luck out there, i hope the thesis goes great, and i'm sure it will :D
Take care

01.01.2016. ♥

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cya next year xD


Bye Mirela, Good Luck on ur Stuff 
See you in 1 year prolly 

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 Its too bad your quitting but real life comes first. Good luck with everything.

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no free itens ?

Takecare of yourself 
byeeee =)
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It was really sad but like you said health comes first....etc.,, so take care and good luck in studies....lets chitchat in skype if ever :( :'( 

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Bye Welcome Thanks you for all and have many Luck.


Even tho I do not personally know you I think you are a awesome person! Good luck with real life!  ^-^

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