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Hi im looking for a fun pk guild. I have a support ep who is vry tanky and I wish to use her in mass pk but I want to join a guild that is pk active, I dont want to join artifex honistly I want to join an enemy guild to help balance out the pk seems everyone joined arti, I dont have a problem with arti its a great guild but its so cluster fucked everyone is there lol I dont want to join warning bc i don't like their leader I was thinking archenemy but idk who do u guys see the most in pk besides warning?
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ArchEnemy :) u must join there!! many funny pks

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Hello there and i hope your doing well,  i like to offer you to come to AngelDawn if any interest we are a family built type faction pvp + pve type guild we do not associate with china alliance or artifex/tyrants. we try to be stable and be our own guild.  if you like to know more information about us please feel free to pm me Yuiri or Kiisa in game.

Offline Ditzy

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Bump more suggestions?

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Just join ArchEnemy, we're not a guild with an astonishing amount of numbers PK wise, but it's a rather warm group, with fun PKs, fun people, fun events and all that nice stuff.

Thanks for having AE in your first thoughts by the way.

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worms, ae or tyrants. Not really many other guilds around that mass pk daily besides those, those you said you don't wanna join and china etc
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