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Warning vs Worms - TW

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Im always late with posting stuff


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Great video Tw was fun with tryhard worms good song choose marilyn manson rock is dead  :normal-35: must be gya told u to put this

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born to be alive 8)
great stuff man
need mooar tws like this

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to long vid but nice one

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Great video boss  :police:
Was very fun tw gf wormies

Jebi se Ljubisa xaxaxa
Sig by Mari

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to long vid but nice one
It was a long tw.
Good vid, it was a fun tw

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1 word. Demolish. Was easy tw 45vs 60+ rofl worms lvl gameplay outnumbered but got outplayed, their dd were dying so fast 123. better luck next time 

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Awww hopefully i'll be able to join tw next time , miss doing some , good video harpist   

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Marilyn Manson. <3

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best tw in a while, that i also attended
azey/aydamn #1 :police: 
Warning: Drink Moderately jacob dont drink beer while in tw ok you beer suckerz :))

On Topic: Nice Video+Gameplay as always music wth  :))

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Great Video Harp

Love MVP <3

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best tw in a while, that i also attended
azey/aydamn #1 :police:
Si + Me :normal-4:

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Nice video harp.....

i wanna say thanks to Worms for giving such fun and challenging TW.