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DragonChild Faction Event

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DragonChild Faction Event

Once every two weeks this will be held and every faction will have to kill mobs and bosses to get rewards plus other faction goodies. This event is to make sure everybody has a chance to win things. This event is purely for fun!

Every faction will win 3 dragon scales ONCE EVERY TWO WEEKS.

Time of event can be modified to fit your guilds timezone. Once your guild has had its first event, remember to check the date of when you last did it and REMIND GM after 14 days or when you are able to do it again.

Please apply your faction in following way:
Faction: name
Leader: name

Requirements for factions to be accepted:
  • Faction must have active officer core and stable 10+ players online in faction peak time
  • Faction must have guild base
  • Leader of faction cannot have ranked alt in other guild that is registered for event (Leader, Director, Marshal or Executor)
  • Faction must gather at least 10 players level 145+ with gear level above 110 for event to start, leader must be online

Guilds must pass the check in order to participate, meaning no alt guilds and have REAL players in them.
It can sometimes take a while for your faction to be registered. We want to make sure that your faction has stable core with active members.
If your faction isn't on this list once your post is removed, it's because it hasn't passed the requirements yet.
Please re-apply again once your faction meets them.

Registered Guilds:
421 *Last event on 11/September/2021*  - Nea
SisLabsMe *Last event on //*  -  
Squid *Last event on //*  -
Vandals *Last event on 21/Sept/2022*  -  Nea
Blinders *Last event on //*  -  
BlacKFire *Last event on //*  -  
Doremon *Last event on //*  -  
llSD *Last event on  4/August/2020*  -  Nea
Samurai_侍 *Last event on 9/February/2021*  -  Komachi
Scoundrel *Last event on 4/Sept/2021*  -  Nea
Avengers乡 *Last event on 14/October/2020*  -  Komachi
Agents *Last event on //*  -  
Infamy *Last event on 22/October/2020*  - Komachi
熊猫 *Last event on 03/Sept/2019*  - Nea
Adversary *Last event on 30/May/2020*  -  Nea
Akatsuki克 *Last event on //*  -  
Quiet *Last event on 24/Sept/2021*  -  Nea
Vengeance *Last event on 1/August/2021*  -  Komachi
E̩xiled *Last event on 9/August/2020*  - Komachi
Maritim *Last event on 5/December/2020*  - Komachi
Nostalgia *Last event on 11/April2023* - Nea
storm *Last event on 4/Jul/2020* - Komachi
★Untamed★ *Last event on 19/May/2020*  -  Komachi
Vehements *Last event on 2/July/2021*  - Komachi
βμg✶ *Last event on 13/January/2021*  - Nea
defiance*Last event on 20/January/2022*  - Nea
DraGOneS *Last event on //*  -
Prominent *Last event on 11/April/2021*  - Nea

Once your faction is ready, please message online GM for confirmation and gather at least 10 members in Faction Base.
Any online GM can host the event if they have the time and are willing.

If your faction changed name, please let us know about it in this thread

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