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Can you make it where people who have no debit/creit cards can donate.. im one of the few that only has cash... like make it with paysafe cards or ultimate game cards or something.. if not thats cool. id just like to donate ..

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U can probably just pm Agatio with this one... I would guess you would have a faster answer of him that way :)

All credits of the Siggy go to Lucy

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we are trying to search for another methods but as i explained on a post before, those methods require contracts with the companies, for example PaySafe, they take a small fee for each transaction in our favour. it means something like (i'll use random values) if i donate 10euros to Agatio, Agatio will only get 9euros and PaySafe will keep 1euro as fee.

but we are searching for other methods dont worry :D

note that im not syaing we wont get paysafe cuz of that, we are taking it into consideration. but needs lots of thought :D

Offline Issue

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Just so you know most 7-11, Walmart, Target sell Visa/Mastercard giftcards. This is how, in the past, I have donated to servers or purchased game money. Just thought I'd put that option on here because most people do not know about these cards