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The Tideborn's Bible

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The History of Creation

1.0 In the beginning Mentalista create the Ocean and the Fish;  The ocean had no salt and had two races of Fishes, the Purple fish and the Blue fish; After 900 years living in harmony, Mentalista observing the two races of fishes thought about give them the Imortality; So he called both races of fishes into the night and said; For you my children's, i will conceive the Imortality, you won't perish anymore, but you shall not eat from the seaweed of the angled stone.

1.1 The Purple and the Blue fish lived long; but one day one young fish of the blue race, with a rebel personality, disobeyed the order that God gave and ate the seaweed from the angled stone; The young blue fish, saw the Universe out of ocean in his vision and was dazzled; but Mentalista, in fury,
said; You fool, you have disobeyed me, you and all the Blue and Purple race will got to the outside world and never come back to the Ocean; Your race won't live forever anymore, leave my Ocean!;
Then a big flush of water expurged they from the ocean and threw they to the outside world.

1.2  They were thousand of fishes, after thousand of years, those fishes who didn't adapt, died and those who did adapt, obtained legs; The purple race, still devotees to Mentalista, were blessed with the power of question the reality, while the blue race, descending from the young fish who ignored the God's order, received a curse, an accelerated metabolism; The purple race survived craftily stealing the vital force of the other beings of the outside world, while the blue race were aniquilating others after learn how to manage knifes.

1.3 The outside world were afflicted with the progress of the fishes, they were named Tideborns, knew as Psychics and Assassins; The conflict was near, the destruction of the outside world; Mentalista then contacted Pan Gu, the God of the outside world, then Mentalista that couldn't appear   in the outside world, received a body as gift of Pan Gu, to allow him to walk into the outside world;
Mentalista then created a skill to punish the others who would help him to destroy the profane tideborns, baptised of Black Voodoo and created another skill that connect him to the Ocean protection and allow him to be passive and defend from others beings that still didn't know the story of the Tideborns, baptised of White Voodoo; Then He walked all the outside world, teaching Tideborns from anywhere about the story and the harmony of the Ocean; But the descents of the Blue race, know as Assassins, refused the teachings of Mentalista and tried to kill they; Mentalista then showed the power of Black Voodoo and they had to run so far.

1.4 The purple race, know as Psychics, receiving all the wisdom of Mentalista, becamed a peacefully population, they have learned Black Voodoo from Mentalista and created other skills with the direct inspiration from Him; Mentalista never taught the White Voodoo for they, as he knew that skill would be used all time, unbalancing the nature of outside worlds, so he hidden the White Voodoo arithmetic on a scroll in a nether spring camp; But one day, a young psychic found the scroll and started use the White Voodoo power to unbalance the Pan Gu's world; a legion of Psychics abusing of White Voodoo appeared; Pan Gu, watching this situation, talked with Mentalista and asked him to solve the problem that emerged on his world; Mentalista contacted Over_Lord on the torrent of Netherspring camp and said; Son, you shall receive this stone, in this stone theres the secret of mastery the Purple race abilities, you shall pass those laws to your people, you shall help they, you shall help your brothers; The stone contained 20 laws for the Psychics inspired direct from Mentalista to allow they to stay in Black Voodoo and stop unbalancing Pan Gu's world with White Voodoo.

The 20 commandments

The balance

1.0  Over_Lord lived 900 years, had 5 children's and died; Those 5 children's lived 700 years each and had 18 children's and died; Those 18 children's lived 500 years each and had 52 children's and died; The Pan Gu's world were living in harmony;  The fishes became civilized and were peacefully; but one day, a army of beings derived from Gaia invaded the Tideborns City and anhiquilated all the Psychics absorbing all their souls in a instant, the assassins tried to face they; but failed miserably, Mentalista seeing this, contacted Pan Gu to unity forces against those mystics who could absorb souls; then all the beings rebelated against the mystics and they paid for all the deaths they did to the Psychics; but at the time of the battle, Gaia's army stoled the secret of White Voodoo from nether spring camp and they were secretely trying to connect themselves to the Ocean to obtain the White Voodoo bless; but Mentalista didn't allowed their magic to bypass into the Ocean; but craftily, they learned that they could change they clothes, helmets and weapons instantly and change it back to obtain a huge protection almost near the protection of the Ocean, they used a tool called Razornel invented by a old man who were discredited at start.

1.1 Gaia's army and the mystics started walking all the Pan Gu's world defeating their opponents and from the south to the north; first they eliminated the population of uprights animals, then they conquer the angels descents; when they were on the way to conquer the central merchant city, a young human that manipulate earth and water infiltrated inside Gaia's army and copied the secret of the Razornel tool; He and his helper used the reverse position enchant to go inside their and return to home fast; The human congregation were delighted with the Razornel too, but the old adviser said; We humans, can't defeated Gaia's army even with this tool! We need to unity all kingdoms against they! We need to share Razornel tool if we want success!; Then everyone of the congregation agreed and the Razornel enchant code were transferred to all the centrals of other races; All the races of Pan Gu's world should now have access a big amount of protections and they could stop the progress of Gaia's army.

1.2  The battle on west of Central Merchant City were violent; but the Gaia's army were defeated; Pan Gu's world found peace; but in the shadows, the rebels assassins were causing troubles to all population; They were abusing of the Razornel tool to take advantage over others and were stealing all citye; They have got a incredible power and advantage using the Razornel too; They were almost immortals, like giants; Pan Gu's worrying with his world, contacted Mentalista to try stop their children's, Mentalista said; My blue children's , you are causing chaos, i shall stop you and remove your powers! Then he alone fought against thousands of his children's, but the Assassins were treacherous and when He thought the battle over, 3 thousand of Assassins appeared from shadow and previewing the death in the Pan Gu's world, He launch a code of creation to the moon and were killed his own sons.

1.3 Mentalista returned to the Ocean and couldn't enter inside Pan Gu's world anymore, it was only chaos there; but with a mastery last move he planted the seed of a new population who could defeat their children's Assassins and fix the balance inside Pan Gu's world; but all he could do was observe and send inspiration to their Psychic children's who were still devote to him.


.X To a little girl from the lineage of Over_Lord, Mentalista send 4 messages that should be passed to the elsewhere world;

When the White Voodoo becomes Black Voodoo and the Defence becomes Attack, this world will find balance.


.Y  The message has to be heard in all this world and Mentalista will return in a era full of balance and peace.


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if theres 20 commandments, how come you only have 10?
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