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Hello , i would like to play again so i need a new client , all of us know that philippines are 2nd slowest internet connection on asia so i needs a lot of time to download it , however on my currently work, internet are fast i can download 7.6gb in almost 20 mins , but my smart phone sdcard 32gb (fat32) doest allow me to download 4gb above single one file, fat32 has a limit of 4gb , since download selection doest have part by part on installer , i search on internet where i can download New horizon which is 1.5.1 i found LMSPW have part by part

My question is i am able to patch the LMSPW new horizon 1.5.1? Or else i still need to download in my home .

Thank you very much :)
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You can patch any 1.5.1 client by following this:  

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Any reason for the dagger icon change?