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Synergy - Playing in the sand

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Welp this happened last night. Pretty fun with all that sweet, sweet trash talk. 

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Nice Vid. That was some pretty good AA lol. Their eps spend more time dead than alive. lel

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Nice Vid Great Work :) :P

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Amazing Video :) 

Avatar/Siggy Made by Leonora♥

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Curly is bad.  :rolleyes:
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Welp...all i can say is....Thats how Synergy does it! Great video

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Thank you Leonora for the amazing avatar!

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Good to see other guilds putting out mass PK videos.

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I hate when I run out of teles too m8..

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that intro..scared me  :o and u made chat cover a lil bit to big , but in rest esok and good video ' - '


Looks Like fun pk+Good music

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nice duuuude :police: 

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Nice video and looked like a cool pk :)