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Beta Testers for Event 1.

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Before I post the list, let me start off by saying thank you to everyone who signed up.
This is only the list for event one. There are two others, so if you didn't get picked for this one, don't be discouraged. It's a very likely possibility that you could be chosen for the others.

Let me also say that if you cannot make it to the event, I will replace you with someone who can as long as you let me know that you can't come in advance, and then I'll try and put you in for one of the other events. Please give me a heads up first though, unless something comes up unexpectedly.

Beta will be Saturday, October 27th. 17:00 Server time

Original List
Chosen Testers:
1. Grim*
2. leoblade*
3. Proschii
4. Acciella
5. Fiona'*
6. Scylla*
7. Keiju*
8. Lucrecia*
9. VonDrakes*
10. Dragar*
11. Manami*
12. Auditore
13. SRT
14. Fish_Fillet*
15. MasterWiz
16. Leader*
17. SafeTeaPin*
18. LokeLeo*
19. Elly*
20. Tali*

Please send me a message and confirm that you'll be there or let me know if you CAN'T be there and I will try and work things around.

Once again, thanks to everyone who signed up and remember, this is NOT the only event that we are testing.
The list of testers for the second(and possibly 3rd) event are still to come. :3

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Updated, again.

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ill bring any class u need if i got them.

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Wrong post, but noted. Thanks Pinhead. :>

Updated, again.