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Hey, I'm a 121 cleric, soon to be sage, full +12ed gear for my level, and I'm going to max my skills later when I get on. All thanks to my guildies !
I just want to know some basics, like what dungeons I need to do, what clerics are there for during the dungeons, things like tm6, GV(?), Nirvana, morai, etc.
Also, what should I spend my time doing? Other than levelling. I was also wondering if there's a guide for clerics PvP anywhere? Thanks in advance~  :tiger-29:

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PvP i'll tell u i dont know anything on clerics lol
about leveling you have Frostcovered City (FC); Phoenix Valley (PV) and Godess Valley (GV)...each of them for each level but GV you usually go from 140 up.

aside from leveling you can farm several rare items ;)
like for example the Warsong Belt or the Cube of Fate Necklace.
youhave also the option to farm the rare Cloak Dominance.

all this can be found in the Guides section.

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Thanks for the help, it's much appreciated! I'll take a look at them guides :tiger-4: