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Weekly PvP Event October 22nd ~ 26th (Bets)

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    Here are the fights for this week.

    • 145 ~ 149
    Ting_Static  vs  x_x_xXx_x_x

    Blijhoofd  vs  YouAreDoomed

    • 150
    Elly  vs  ~Allyson`
    Casanova  vs  BadAssPanda

    Eralis  vs  SlowPokie

    To place your bets don't forget you will need to use the following system and forms:

    At the Forum:
    Post your character name in the game (on the forum nothing else is required), for example:


    In Game:
    Send a mail ingame to one of the following characters:
    ~ BetOne
    ~ BetTwo
    ~ BetThree
    ~ BetFour
    ~ BetFive
    ~ BetSix
    ~ BetSeven
    ~ BetEight

    • ~ Within the mail ingame add on which match you are betting in and who will be the Winner for you (check image below for a more clear explanation);


    ~ Any other post in this topic unrelated to the bets will be removed without previous notification;
    ~ If the post contains any other information unrelated to the topic and to what is asked the post will be edited or removed (depending on the post) without previous notification;
    ~ For a full detailed informaiton about this event please check the following link Weekly PvP Event;
    ~ Players will have till Thursday 7am (server time) to place their bets;
    ~ We will only accept bets that the name replied in this post matches the name on the mail ingame sent (this means that if you send me a bet ingame and you don't reply with your character name here the bet won't take effect and the Epic Coins will be sent back);
    ~ Players are allowed to place as many bets as they want aslong as they follow the bets rules mentioned, for example:
    • EvilTouch
    • EvilTouch2
    • EvilTouch3
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