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Not that I'd be able to understand 95% of it anyways, but it would make communicating with my guild a tad easier. How do I get the language packs so I can see what they are typing? I need Korean and Japanese.
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a question
do u understand japanese or korean?
if anything u can ask them for the language packs ...?
hey, they must have them if they type in it  : D

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Need to remove boxes from Ö, Ä and Õ also :(

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and from: њ љ ш ђ ћ џ ј ж  :police:

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download one of these and copy it to font folder, then rename it to fzxh1jw (try it with each one, not sure it's this one), also keep the original one somewhere else just in case. most of common fonts have unicode extensions which support a wide range of cjk characters, so you can just google for them - ie Arial Unicode MS

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Need to remove boxes from Ö, Ä and Õ also :(
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