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Thanks everyone for nice pk :)

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il watch it in a min just wanted to be 1st ;)

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nice video harpist, I think enemy kdr dropped  :police:

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1- nice video and top gameplay as usual
2- that song alcoholic made me picture u playing pw like this 

3- was so easy you were using noob arrows from god's giving hahaha go farm gbq lazy leader ;)
4- tbh i'm not sad for missing this pk i dont have holypath on genie to run after them 
5- enemy it's having some issues with even numbers pk 

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Hi, nice video, I always like the music you choose for them.
I saaaaaw meeeeee & my bae (Ice).

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Nice Video jacob you drunken mustard ea  :))

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Bad vid cause am not there :c

Play it as just a ******* game ;)

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nice video alcoholic

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haha drunk man making videos hahaha
mannnnnnnnnnnn even ur music has to be drunk since 1st song is drunkenmunkey hahaha, i fcking love rave music u choose  :police:
for this pk? lol this was another joke in clown book arti has been writing lately
gf even numbers  :police:

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i see mucho kills, Great video and loved the music 

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damn bro why iam so good  :police: nice music i love it

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Easy pk and good video as always mr EpicPW !!!  ^-^

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Nice video, glad you guys stopped hiding in sz.

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I found the music funny , the pk looked fun , nice video